Buying property within a self managed super fund is sensitive and requires an understanding of the restrictions and strict rules governing this type of investment. We have extensive experience in helping investors in this space and we can work with any financial planner or advisor.

Since rules around leveraging for SMSF property purchasing changed in 2008, this area has been a rapidly growing space in the industry, yet so many still don’t understand it or appreciate the delicacy required when selecting a property for SMSF.

The services of a qualified and licensed investment advisor must be engaged prior to commencement of any property purchase. We can tailor our services to the practitioner’s strategy based on designated returns, yields and loan to value ratio (LVR). With SMSF investments of her own and many successful SMSF purchases executed for her past clients, Cate offers a unique set of experiences, including an appreciation of lending policy and processes specific to SMSF property investment.

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