I continue to recommend Cate and her team to anyone that will listen! They’re all genuinely lovely people with excellent industry knowledge and contacts.

My husband and I were first home buyers that had been looking for over a year, unfortunately the longer we looked the less faith we had in our ability to make the right decisions for the current market. It was such a relief to be able to put our trust in Cate and hand everything over to her… this is really what it’s like.

In the end we bought a lovely big apartment in Richmond (we weren’t even looking there as we assumed we couldn’t afford it), and Cates team negotiated an amount that’s proven to be a very very good price based on other apartments that have sold in the block, so the fee paid to them has been earned back in spades. Highly recommend!!

— M&E

Cate Bakos and her team made it possible for us to secure an investment property from interstate. It was amazing to have someone as well connected and knowledgeable as Cate on our side, advocating for us and arranging for everything. She was always relatable, positive and straight talking. Cate managed to make us feel as though we were her number one priority. We were in great hands and knew it. Hopefully we will be in a position to work with Cate again soon!

— Simon & Nadia

I initially engaged Cate and her team for their bidding and negotiating service but soon after engaged them in their for their complete service.
Their expertise in negotiating the Melbourne Real Estate market was obvious from the start, and I was very grateful and impressed by their genuine interest in ensuring I found the right property at the best price for my needs. They are a customer focused enterprise that worked seamlessly and promptly when due diligence and negotiations were time critical. I recommend them highly.


We had the supreme good fortune to employ the services of Cate Bakos and her dynamic team for our first property purchase within an SMSF .

Being interstate buyers and purchasing within a more complex structure meant we really needed strong expertise on the ground in Melbourne to assist us to purchase a great property.

I was drawn to Cate after hearing her speak on a number of property podcasts as well as her commentary regarding property in media reports / articles. After speaking with her at length around what we were after, I felt she had such good knowledge of the area in Melbourne we wished to target as well as outstanding communication skills and a ‘can do’ attitude.

The whole process took approximately 3 weeks and with a limited budget, we secured a great property in West Footscray! The location is amazing, the unit itself has excellent potential and the rental yield is outstanding for such a well located, inner city apartment. This purchase would never have come to fruition if we went into this alone.

I felt huge confidence in Cate through every step of the process and her knowledge, responsiveness and attention to detail was flawless. It was so satisfying to interact with a team of people completely dedicated to the job and their clients.

I would love to use the services of Cate, Amy, Renee and Team again in the future. Thank you all so so much 🙂

— A & J

I cannot recommend Cate (and Amy!) highly enough. They are speedy, super professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Working with them takes all the pain out of buying property, which is very stressful especially the first time you do it. I felt in very safe hands and was so glad I engaged Cate and her team. They have also helped two very close, dear friends. We implore anyone who is thinking of buying property, to work with them.

— Jessa

We have spent our first night in our new home and could not be happier.

We would like to thank all of you for your hard work, dedication, persistence and determination.
When we first acquired your services, we spent the best part of 14 months trying to navigate the twisted web of the Melbourne property market.
We were tired and somewhat disillusioned by the whole process. You gave us hope that we could secure a great property within our budget.
Whilst our journey with your team was difficult at first (very low stock), we still believed there was hope for us. After some adjustments and a strong sense of what we wanted, we felt
like we were close to securing a property.

What we ended our journey with was a property which was under budget and by far exceeded our expectations. The home is a wonderful property with enormous scope and capital growth.
More importantly it’s a family home that we can spend many happy years here. We have no doubt, without the help of Cate Bakos Property we would have not even been a chance to secure the property.

Thank you for everything your team has done for us, both pre purchase and post purchase.

— V&K

I arrived in Melbourne from interstate wanting to make a quick purchase in the inner west for my new home – but was quickly bewildered by the absurdities of the Melbourne property market. I was worried about facing months trying to get my head around how things worked and how to judge prices, let alone negotiate. But I wanted to move in by Xmas! (about 10 weeks away).

I came across Cate Bakos from her media commentary and other recommendations – so was keen to see how she could help me. She and her team transformed the process – I was no longer on my own; I had the experts working for me. Cate fully understood my requirements and provided authoritative advice on properties I was considering, and worked with my feedback. She had fantastic knowledge of the local agents which helped with understanding market tactics. She successfully negotiated the best property I looked at including a 3 week settlement (must be some sort of record). Cate and the team shared my excitement at my purchase and Renee walked beside me during the closing days before settlement, including the pre-settlement inspection. I do not doubt I could have spent months looking and faced renting in the interim, if not for Cate and her fabulous team. Instead I moved into my new home 6 weeks after arriving in Melbourne. I thoroughly recommend Cate Bakos.

— Robin

I am extremely grateful for the exceptional service that Cate, Amy and Renee provided. They were highly knowledgable, very professional and super responsive. Because of their superior service I have bought a wonderful property that I couldn’t be happier with. I cannot thank Cate and her team enough and highly recommend them to anyone thinking about engaging a buyers agent. I engaged Cate on recommendation of a close friend and I am so glad I did! Thank you Cate, Amy & Renee!

— Yvonne

When Robyn and I first rang the number on the Cate Bakos website, we were very unsure about the virtue of engaging a buyer’s advocate, and extremely doubtful that it would help us search for and find our new home. We were, after all, 15,000 kilometers away, and ten hours behind. Four weeks later, we are awaiting settlement on a wonderful property and will soon fly out to move into our new home.

Our first surprise was that it was Cate herself who picked up, and within a few minutes we had learned all about her services and her methodology, in the assured coherent and calm tone that we got to know so well from her, and also from Amy and Renee. In the past month, they have all been readily available, no call or email unanswered, no query unaddressed. Timely and crucial advice, thorough and pertinent research, and effective representation were much appreciated hallmarks. And of course, all backed up with professional expertise and powerful astute negotiating, seamlessly coordinated with an equally responsive and experienced solicitor and building inspector.

This is a dedicated and effective team of professionals who know and love what they are doing. It’s great for them, sure, but it was invaluable for us.

— John and Robyn

Buying a house has never been so easy. (It took 2 weeks) The entire process allowed us to have confidence that we were buying a house that was perfect for our needs, at a reasonable price, with all the due diligence carried out to ensure a smooth transition. I could not imagine buying a home without these guys, and I never will. Absolute value for money and such a pleasure to work with.

— M & K

Amy and Cate thankyou so much!! You guys are the best, I can’t speak more highly of what you do. I hope no-one I know ever tries to do this themselves, as you make the process so simple and ENJOYABLE!

If this was up to us, there is no way we would have got everything together and bought this house. Your efficiency, counsel, sticking to the facts, and diligence have us excited for the future with no doubt that we have made a great decision about our future home.

Thanks a million!

From estactic new home owners!

— K & M

My partner Alex and I were complete newbies trying to purchase our first home in the inner Western suburbs 9km from the CBD. We chanced upon our dream property after doing lots of research but were extremely daunted by the complexities of the property buying process and put off by the stiff competition in the areas we were looking in. We were also going to be overseas on the scheduled auction date of the house we had in mind and didn’t want to put pressure on friends or family to bid on our behalf. We thought that we would have to give up on the property and look elsewhere!

Luckily, we had the idea of getting a buyer’s advocate after stumbling upon some video posts by Cate Bakos on realestate.com.au. We were really impressed with her knowledge and her commitment to educating the community and sharing her expertise with home buyers and investors alike. We decided to engage Cate to help us with the negotiation process and to bid for us if the property went to auction.

As soon as we got in touch with Cate, we knew we were in extremely safe hands. Cate and her team are consummate professionals. Cate is incredibly knowledgeable but also very personable, and we really felt that she was looking after our interests. Her communication is top-notch and never tardy. Her strong working relationships and her fantastic negotiation skills with the agents in the area helped us secure our home prior to auction; best of all, at a price and under conditions that were just perfect for us! Within 3 days of formally engaging Cate, we got our beautiful home!

Thank you Cate, Amy, Jeanette and Renee – you are such a fantastic team and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others and work with you again in future.

— Alicia and Alex

Hi Cate and Amy,

Just a really short note while I’m still overseas to say thanks for helping with the purchase of the place. The property settled this afternoon so it’s now all mine!

You all have been so great to work with- I’ve loved you all being part of the process and it gave me such comfort knowing there was help in every step of the process. I will definitely be recommending you guys to friends if you’re okay with that!

— Tim

We want to wholeheartedly thank you & your team for having taken us on such an enlightening and smooth journey to acquire our property in Coburg. You have all been amazing through this process in teaching us so much, guiding us so seamlessly and in keeping us fully informed every moment of the way. We literally started this journey not knowing that Buyers Advocates existed, but from our first phone conversation with you Cate, we felt assured that you would be the one able to assist us in our long distance quest and you certainly proved that in a truly professional and capable manner that has really impressed us. Your team is fantastic – Amy, Renee, Jeanette, David & Ian thank you all so much for doing your jobs so well.

We are so please with our purchase, although we have not yet personally seen it!! (but our daughter, who has seen it, is very, very happy with it!). We look forward to travelling down later in the year when it is vacant to finally see it and help both our Darwin daughters move in.

Settlement was incredibly easy and we still cant believe we own it! You all made the daunting idea of buying Melbourne property from Darwin so easy! – we would certainly highly recommend you to others here that may wish to embark on a similar journey.

— T&M

Thank you Wonderful Team for helping us in getting our first home. Very impressed with the prompt negotiating and advice advocating process to get our first home deal done, which looked like an ongoing stressful house hunting task for us. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you together again.

— S&S

Thank you so much for all of your help with the purchase of our new home! We love our new home and know we absolutely could not have done this without you. Thank you for taking all the stress out of the process, your help was invaluable. We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends!

— K&G

On many different occasions, I recall to wide-eyed friends and family the buying-process that was undertaken for the acquisition of the property in Ivanhoe.

o Meeting at the pub prior to the auction.
o Where to stand during the auction
o Where you’ll stand during the auction.
o How you’ll handle the negotiation
o …and so on and on…
o …through to the final shaking of hands inside the house.

Everyone’s impressed.

The engagement of your services as well as the machinations that you handled so well on auction day were absolutely brilliant.

I could not have asked for a better outcome and the assistance that you gave on that day is never forgotten!!

If there is anything I can do (referrals etc) to assist your customers in anyway shape manner or form, then please let me know.

— Martin

We reside overseas and needed to purchase a second property, from various reasons ranging from no longer been negatively geared, needing a larger family home to a ‘raging’ sellers property market. Frankly, the prospect was daunting. Going into that much debt, reviewing properties other the Internet and countless emails back and forth with agents was becoming a full time job.

Cate was highly recommended and after our initial discussion and the final result, Cate and her team did not disappoint.  By appointing Cate, we were not just purchasing her services of outstanding market knowledge, research capabilities, a/our strategy (an excellent bespoke guide tailored just for us); at the end of the day we received ‘peace-of-mind’. This turned out to be the most important aspect of purchasing a property in view of our circumstances, and we didn’t realise it at the time.

When my wife and I started to go down different paths and alter our original thinking, Cate would regroup with us, review our ‘must have list’ and strategy. It was Real Estate therapy (!) and reassuring when things were getting a little overwhelming. Having Cate, Amy and Renee in our corner was unbelievably reassuring.

Cate also had excellent knowledge and views with finances and we were ale to discuss our risk tolerance and compared these to risk appetite. The end result was that we ended up purchasing a property at a significant discount of what we were prepared to pay, which equalled 10 times the amount of Cate’s fee. This aspect, coupled with peace-of-mind and been able to sleep easy in purchasing a house that you have not seen with your own eyes, made the entire experience with Cate, Amy and Renee invaluable. 

I cannot recommend this organisation enough. I would not purchase another property without Cate and her team. Thank you ladies, you are wonderful.

— Cameron

It was such a delight working with Cate, Amy and Renee. They basically made what could have been an onerous task, wonderfully easy and surprisingly enjoyable (and with so much style and finesse).

I decided to meet with Cate after a colleague raved about her from when she bought her dream home. From the first meeting, Cate took the time to understand what exactly I wanted and what I was willing to spend. Other advocates I’ve dealt with weren’t great with this, choosing to tell me how to manage my finances rather than working within my criteria. This, coupled with the fact that she’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced, made engaging her a no-brainer.

Cate and Amy worked closely with me over the next couple of months to find an investment property. I eagerly awaited their emails every Thursday for a list of inspections they’d set up for me that weekend. They provided recommendations and sought my feedback so that they could refine their search criteria. They organised building inspections and legal advice around contracts and titles.

Watching Amy at work was awesome. From the way she spoke with the agents, I knew that she will advocate for me and get me the best deal. A couple of real estate agents mentioned rumours within the industry that Cate and Amy take no prisoners when it comes to negotiating – this filled me with joy. When the time came, they found me the perfect property and negotiated a significantly lower price than what I was willing to pay.

Cate, Amy and Renee coordinated the purchase perfectly and organised everything for me. All I had to do was turn up to the lawyers with the cheques and sign the documents. It couldn’t have been easier.
Renee accompanied me to meet a property agent whom she highly recommended. True to form, I had a tenant move in to the house a day after settlement. Renee was (and continues to be) incredibly patient and helpful with any questions I had.

All up, Cate Bakos Property – ten out of ten.

— Dylan

Our story started a few years ago where we engaged with a Melbourne Buyers Advocate business (who shall remain nameless) and it was a shambles experience for us. We lost $4500 with them -after asking for a refund as we were very dissatisfied with their poor plan and approach. They offered us a $20 book as a remedy and refused our financial compensation request in the form of a refund. So we walked away with a very bitter taste in our mouths.
After a period of time we knew that the right Buyers Advocate would be out there for us and started our research. We came across Cate Bakos and the rave reviews she received online meant I rang her the next day. While I waited as the phone rang for the office secretary to answer my call (since every single time I called the previous buyer’s agent they asked for my name and number every.single.time I rang, talk about impersonal), I was gobsmacked when Cate herself answered the phone! Impressed.
Cate was able to quickly get to the bottom of what we were looking for and how she would help us.
I was excited again to invest! The bitter taste left me.
We went through a few iterations with Cate over a period of time; lost an auction and reviewed where we were. My position at work was made redundant and Cate immediately offered my part-payment to be refunded until I was back on my feet again. We accepted and were forever impressed at Cate’s ethical approach to support us.
Once I was back into full time work, we decided to sell our home, free up the cash and rent-vest as a new strategy (because over time our plans naturally shift and grow). It was the right decision for our family. We renewed our search with Cate in earnest and recently landed upon a property in Pascoe Vale South. Cate was able to skilfully leverage the situation to land us a successful pre-auction purchase at a bargain price.
We are incredibly grateful we found such a skilled buyers advocate in Cate Bakos and her team who support all of the purchases. We are onto our second purchase in the next month and we have a renewed sense of excitement at our future investing possibilities.
Cate didn’t ask me to write this review; I volunteered as I am a raving fan of her business, especially since we had such an awful previous experience …we nearly didn’t make it back to investing.
Do your homework and find the right buyers advocate for you –like Cate Bakos, the really good ones are out there.

— Karen and Adam

Cate and her team managed to secure for us a top performing investment property in an amazing inner city gentrifying hotspot for a bargain of a price at auction in the midst of a red hot moving market! This is no mean feat considering it is a character-filled period home located on one of the best wide tree-lined streets of the suburb, only 5 kms from the CBD. This was only achievable through her exceptionally intuitive assessment of the situation during the auction, backed up by solid understanding and relationship with local agents. Her amazingly detailed pre-auction due diligence and research has been 2nd to none for a buyer’s agent, and best of all, she always has the patience to be challenged and debated on her thoughts and assessment. I have personally being involved in multiple property investments of various types in a variety of locations over the past 8 years, am not a property amateur, and can honestly say her depth of market knowledge is exceptional. Combined with her strong ethical conviction for her clients, I would highly recommend her services as a buyers agent. I have used others previously, and their standards and service fell way short. Couldn’t even compare.

— Jack W

I was very impressed with the service that Amy and Cate at Cate Bakos Property provided me. I started my search for a property in January and quickly realised I needed some assistance from someone with knowledge of the industry, given it was my first property. It was apparent how much I had to learn and how competitive buying a property had become! Cate and Amy were very responsive, helpful and personable. Amy did a fantastic job in finding me properties to inspect and in securing my new home in Altona! I strongly recommend Cate and Amy if you are looking for a buyers advocate that really tailors for your needs!
With the assistance of Cate and Amy, it only took me 3 months of dedication and hard work to secure my new home in Altona! When I returned from travelling and a career break at the start of 2015, I thought Altona would be a great place to live. Unfortunately I didn’t have a full time job at the time. In the interim I also considered Sunshine, Albion, Altona North and Newport as areas to buy, but the search ended back in Altona!
Newport ended up being outside my price range, particularly because I wanted a property on at least 300m2. Most properties that came up within my price range in Altona North were also outside of my price range and further than 3km from Newport Train Station. I also didn’t ‘feel’ Sunshine and Albion enough to want to purchase my home there, despite easy access into the city and proximity to train stations.
Altona appealed to me due to the proximity to the city, the beach, village feel of the main drag, the parklands and lakes, easy access to Geelong and the west coast, and that most houses were within walking distance of one of the three train stations. I ended up securing a 3 bedroom property approximately 1 km from Westona train Station, approximately $90k below the average for the area for a 3 bedroom home! The house is also in great condition and only needs painting before I move in! I am wrapped with the outcome! Westona feels like a sleepy town, which will be fantastic for unwinding after challenging weeks at work (I work as an Environmental Coordinator in the Level Crossing Removal Projects in Heidelberg and Rosanna).

— Justin P

Thank you so much for helping us find and purchase our new home Your advice made sure we never got too excited about a house that was out of our range and kept us on track.
You have made the whole process feel so easy and we really appreciate all the support during the (relatively) short journey.

— T&S

Dear Cate and Amy, you guys are exceptional (but you already knew that!)
Thank you so much for all your help, patience, advice, determination and mad skills!

— Dylan

we’ve been meaning to send you a big thank you for all of your help buying our first home!
You were all such a pleasure to deal with, and along with Mario Borg and co., you have all made this unknown and daunting process of buying a house as smooth as I could imagine. We’ve told quite a few people about your exceptional service, so hopefully one of our recommendations will come your way at some point 🙂
Again, thank you all very much, and we look forward to buying our next house with you!

— C&B

A buyer’s agent extraordinaire. I’ve never engaged the services of a buyer’s agent, but seeing Cate in action is not only amazing, but totally necessary considering the scale and dynamics of the auction process. I feel Cate would make a great prosecutor as her tact, strategies and suggestions all played out in a positive way. Truly wonderful, I’m still in awe of her prowess.
Thanks to her wonderful support staff; Amy, Renee and Jeanette for their patience and help through the process.

— Martin

Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts – for helping us find and purchase our dream home! We moved in last Friday and couldn’t be happier! We keep finding new things about it that we love and we really couldn’t have picked a better house for our growing family. I keep pinching myself that it’s ours and we couldn’t have done it without your help. So please know that you have had a hugely beneficial impact on our lives and happiness. Plus we know it’s a great investment for our future.
We are gradually getting unpacked and sorted but it’s so exciting knowing that we have our first family home that we can make our own.

— C&M

I live in Sydney and bought an investment property in Ballarat through Cate. Not to mention that I was extremely happy with the property I purchased, I was very impressed by Cate’s communication with me before the shortlisting process and also during the selection process. She was very approachable, friendly but at the same time very professional. She had an ample knowledge about Victoria property market and she was willing to share any information I asked about. As Sydney is only 1.5 hours away by plane, I also did a road trip with Cate once the shortlisting process was completed. I was again impressed by the way she liaised with local agents and the way she assessed the investment value of the properties we looked together. She was truly a ‘buyer’s advocate’ who looked after the buyer’s rights and needs. I’m confident that that my property will perform well and also I will seek her service again if I plan to buy another property in Victoria. To make an analogy, as a movie fan, her service is like a mind-blowing best independent movie of the year; no extravagant marketing, no big company name behind her but she delivers very well, effectively and efficiently. Highly recommended!!

— Jin

Cate Bakos and team! Our saviours! We were strangleheld by the market for approximately 12 months, beaten at auctions, real estate agents not interested in genuine offers, nor communicating to us professionally in a market that is growing rapidly.

My current arrangements see me employed on a remote island for 50% of the year which only made things even harder.
After 12 months of getting absolutely no where, my broker introduced me to Cate and the team. From day dot a weight was lifted, educating us on market insights, prospect areas, and hotspots. We gave them a budget and a criteria of what we were looking for. Within 4 weeks we not only had a formal offer presenting, but they went above and beyond, finding us a period home full of character in a suburb we would have never been able to get into alone. They ticked all the criteria plus added more to give us an extremely healthy head start in the property game, and a solid foundation for a future. Not to mention they did all of this while I was away at work, not even in the country!

8 weeks after meeting Cate and the team, we had a settled home and reliable tenants occupying the property. Something we were not even close to achieving in the 12 months prior. 11/10 service; 11/10 communication; 11/10 trustworthy and they update you constantly in relation to the property world. I can’t wait to purchase my next property, and it will certainly be via Cate Bakos and her extraordinary team! Thank you so much!

— Santo

Whether you have a limited or relatively detailed understanding of what you’re looking for in a property and how realistic your budget may be, Cate Bakos and her team will add value to your purchase.
My wife and I had a relatively sound grasp of what we wanted/needed in a property and what the budget for such a property might be, neither of us had any experience in dealing with real estate agents and getting to the bottom of whether a vendor’s reserve reflected a reasonable deal for both sides.
Cate and her team provide consistent and prompt advice, and demystify the process of dealing and negotiating with vendor agents. Cate and her team provide detailed comparative sales advice, and an impartial view as to whether a property is/not worth pursuing based on the individual’s goals.
In short – we couldn’t be happier with, or recommend more highly, Cate Bakos and her team!

— Damian and Anneliese

After three years of looking, missing out at auctions, and becoming thoroughly disgusted with how ‘the process’ works, we engaged Cate Bakos as our advocate and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Her and her team pulled back the curtain and really made us feel like we had some control again over what was happening. She was all over it, every step of the way. I highly recommend to any buyers in this market to get Cate on your team to save your sanity as well as your money.
Many thanks!

— Alena and Mark

Thank you so much for your brilliant work yesterday, and for the hard work that you and Amy put in behind the scenes of our house hunting.
I have to tell you, I woke up delighted and energetic – can’t wait to get into our new home. Absolutely delighted that we’ve secured such a pretty house in such a great spot.
Thanks for all of the follow up information – it was very useful. It’s a relaxing day of baking and jigsaws in our house today – it’s such as relief to be able to turn thoughts and energy back to the normal rhythm of the household.

Many, many, many thanks!

— C & S

You have all made us feel so comfortable and well supported throughout the process of purchasing our first property and we have really loved the experience.
Our new tenants have moved in over the weekend and we are all optimistic for a long term arrangement should things go well.
Thanks for all your knowledge, patience and good humour over the past few months, we’re now looking forward to our next venture!

— A&P

Cate and Amy
Just a little note to say thank you so much for helping us to buy our first home! You both went well above and beyond to secure our home and we really appreciated your persistence, support, continuous optimism, thoughtful advice and general can-do attitude. Thank you for making it an exciting and fun (albeit long!) process and for securing us such a great deal in the end.

— Jonny and Laura

Dear Cate and Amy
Thanks so much for “holding our hands” and all the work you did to help us secure our first investment property.

— M and S

Cate, Amy and Pete
Thank you so much for your support and encouragement in our successful efforts on our home! WE felt so much more confident with your help securing our ‘forever now’ home! Your help was start to finish and I don’t think we could have done it without you! Happy to be in the ‘hood!

— J, K and L

It is great working with you and Amy and your team. I have learnt more along the property journey and I would like to think we can continue to grow.
While it is a stressful experience while it lasts, it’s great to have such great advice and expertise of the market behind us while making such important financial decisions.
Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to working with you together again.

— Andrew

I cannot recommend Cate highly enough. Since my first interaction with Cate I have been recommending her to everyone as I felt so confident in her ability and experience in being able to deliver a great result…and now my two children and I are moving to the ‘Ville! I had given up all hope of buying in my dream suburb and staying in my budget before I met Cate but she made it happen. Cate’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, enthusiasm, honesty and passion ensures that she stands out and this flows through to her team – it’s like dealing with real estate ninjas: they deliver on their promises quickly and professionally! Buying a home can be such an emotional and stressful experience and I found that Cate’s proactivity and responsiveness reduced all the noise and gave me a lot of confidence that the result would come. Cate has integrity, grit and gets results. My children and I will be forever grateful. Our whole experience has been life-changing!

— Linda, Benjamin and Chelsea

After seeing Cate Bakos present at a Property seminar, and after several personal recommendations, I decided that I would meet her for a chat. I had been looking for a property in the inner west of Melbourne for some time and to my dismay, the properties I liked always seemed slightly out of my reach. I’d become disheartened. Upon meeting Cate, I immediately felt like I had a plan. Cate assured me I would be a property owner in a few months. Given I’d been looking for 18 months, that was an amazing thought! Cate worked with me to determine what my compromises could be and I decided to look a little further afield, taking on board Cate’s suggestions. Only 6 weeks later, I had purchased the kind of townhouse that I was unable to find in the other suburbs with my budget. It ticked all the boxes and more! And it was the same amount of travel time to the city on the train as the other suburbs I had looked in which was a priority for me.

Cate was a great reassurance during the process – she was very supportive and answered all my questions (and I had many!) She worked really hard for me to get the property I wanted. Cate was easily contactable but on occasion when Cate was unable to field a call, her colleague Amy Mylius was there to help too – she was always on top of what was happening with my property search and was also very knowledgable, supportive and helpful. I highly recommend both Cate and Amy – they are extremely savvy, smart and approachable and ultimately, they helped me get the right house for the right price!

— J.L.

Cate and Amy –
Thank you so much for helping us navigate the minefield of real estate to secure our dream family home! We moved in a month ago and we love the house and our new suburb more every day. We couldn’t have done it without you.

— B, A and C

Cate and Amy – Thank you so much for your great efforts and hard work to help us get Boston Avenue. Your service is prompt, customer-centric and trusted.

— Andrew and Cherry

To our wonderful “DREAM TEAM”…
Thank you for all of your expertise and support in enabling us to purchase our fist investment property! We couldn’t have done it without you… HUGE thanks!

— Jacquie and James

My husband and I engaged Cate’s buyers agent service after hearing glowing reviews from within our local community in Yarraville. We have had some past bad experiences in the industry and wanted to be sure that this time we were choosing the right person for the job, as well as someone we could build a lasting relationship with as we build up our property portfolio – well, we weren’t disappointed!

Cate and Amy’s property knowledge, professionalism, networks, ethics and attention to detail are quite simply, first rate. What is also invaluable is their willingness to answer any question or explain concepts (both very simple or complex) making themselves available to do so 24/7. The purchase of our investment property was seamless (and a fantastic buy), and the service didn’t end at settlement as you might expect, or as it does with other buyers agent services.

Cate Bakos property offers so much more than other buyers agent services in Melbourne. We have already begun the process to search for our second investment property and I cannot recommend Cate and her team highly enough – for us, it is a relationship that we look forward to building on in unison with our property portfolio.

— Lisa and Adam

You make what can sometimes be a stressful process for us seem like a breeze and we value so much your knowledge, sound advice and absolute professionalism. You obviously love your job and we love coming along for the ride. It’s a shame we only have one more property to buy for our portfolio!!

— Erica

It was such a positive & great experience purchasing our first investment property. Your professionalism, expertise and friendliness made it so much easy and stress free for both Rick and I.
Hoping to get to do this again in the not too distance future.
Regards and best wishes to you and Amy

— Vicki

We would not hesitate to recommend Cate to anyone looking to buy a home. With Cate’s in depth knowledge of real estate and great connections and keen interest in understanding our needs she was able to find us our ideal home and then negotiate a good price. So many of our friends found looking for a house to be a long and draining journey, but with Cate guiding us along the way, it was a fun filled adventure.

— Lisa and Matt

Thank you for all of your help and support through each step of our journey. No question or request was ever too hard and we appreciate the time and effort you put into us and our search. We have already recommended your wonderful services to others and will continue to do so whenever we get the chance. We really can’t thank you enough. Without your incredible knowledge and guidance I’m not sure we would ever have been brave enough to take the first step.

— A & D

Dear Cate and Amy
It’s been almost nine months since we moved to home and we couldn’t be happier with how it has worked out thanks to you guys. You do a great job!

— Bernie and Morgane

Thanks so much for your help over the last few months. I am always impressed how generous you both are with your knowledge and willingness to coach your clients and put up with questions.
Can’t wait till we can work together again!

— Rhys

The final piece of the puzzle is complete !
Tenant chosen and moves in next week – $480 rental (2 days after the property settles).
Thank you both for such a seamless process

— Kate

We have the keys…..yippeeeeee!!

Thank you so much Cate, we would have been completely lost without you, we would have made some serious mistakes and it would have been a total disaster had you not been there through the whole process. We appreciate everything you have done to help us with owning our first home, especially all your ‘behind the scenes’ work you did that we didn’t even know what happening. We truly can’t thank you enough.

— Alanna, Col and Archie

Dear Cate,
Thank you to you and Amy for all your hard work and support in securing the Freame St house for us.
It was a pleasure working with you and you saved us time, money and stress at a VERY busy and unsettled time in our lives. We’re so thrilled with how everything came together.

— Anon

Hi Cate,
Now that settlement has occurred and we have had a moment to take it all in, we just wanted to send an email to say a proper big thanks again to you and Amy for your time, patience and support. Your knowledge and advice along the way has been invaluable to us and a huge learning experience, which we feel will put us in good stead for our future plans and goals.
Thankyou also for your gift, which was a lovely suprise on our doorstep!
Cant promise that we won’t still have a question or two down the track but we look forward to a continued relationship with you both 🙂

— Sarah and Fred

Thank you both for all the work you have done to locking in our first property. The last 2 weeks especially has been an emotional roller coaster however we both have always felt confident in the advise you have provided us along the way and to think that on Monday we were up in the air on what we wanted to do to now purchasing our first home.

— Lauren and David

Dear Cate
We so wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in finding our home – you made the process so much easier and we’ve ended up with exactly what we wanted!

We’ve already recommended you to a number of our friends!

— Melissa and Johnny (and Elena)

Hi Cate

We very much enjoyed working with you and Amy on our search and property purchase.

Your service at all stages was first class.

Best regards

— David and Deb

This was the first time we had used a buyer’s advocate, and we were extremely impressed ….Cate’s professionalism and “do it now” attitude absolutely blitzed through the negotiating process, with a minimum of stress for us, and within 24 hours, we were the proud owners of a little piece of paradise on The Mornington Peninsula.
Thanks again Cate! 🙂

— Andy

Cate! I cannot thank you enough for your hard work in helping me purchase my first home. The guidance, helpfulness, support and knowledge that you provided- made the process smooth sailing and stress-free. Making an offer on a home can be intimidating (as well as emotionally daunting) and it helped so much to have someone like you to represent my needs in the heat of the moment. Your attention to detail and commitment in helping me were tremendous and greatly appreciated. I would have no hesitation in referring my family and friends to you. Thanks again.!

— Nat

Dear Cate
Thank you so very much for guiding us through the madness of buying our first home. You are a treasure.

— Sheila and Ian

I respect your experience and knowledge and like your upfront attitude. I really enjoyed working with you Cate and liked the personalised service. Since I have had some discussions with other (interstate) buyers advocates…and feel like i am dealing with corporations with many people involved. It made me appreciate your service even more.

— – Chris

Dear Cate and Amy

I can’t thank you both enough for all your hard work to assist me to purchase my property. Your shared passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and care ensured that I felt confident throughout the process. I have learnt so much.

— Lisa

To Cate and Amy

Thank you for your amazing efforts again in helping me with another great purchase. Your expertise is priceless.

— Stefan


I thought I owe you a formal thank you note. I would like to thank you for your help in the whole process. I really appreciate it. Anthony’s referral is the best choice for me. I will also introduce you to my friend if they are looking for property (mostly in the eastern suburbs) ;-))

— May

Mike and I would like to thank you and Amy for your amazing service in helping us find our new home in Melbourne. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you as everything has changed in the past 22 years, so we definitely needed all the advice you gave us.

— Lorraine and Mike

A friend of mine suggested to contact Cate Bakos if I wanted to buy property in Melbourne. Although I know my way around Melbourne a bit I am still living 500km away and so I thought I’ll meet Cate to find out. Cate was very professional and provided a lot of very valuable information during our meeting. She is working independent of any bank or real estate agency but what I liked about her most was that she gave honest advise tailored to my specific situation which in the end cost her a deal as I moved in a different direction after our meeting. Of course we will stay in contact and who knows what the future will bring….So I would not have any hesitation recommending to contact her if you think about buying property.

— Anon

Dear Cate
I’m breathing a sigh of relief now that our search for property number one is over. In reality this has more to do with managing the two and four year olds than the search itself because I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and all that I have already learned. Without your mentoring structure I could never have had such confidence throughout the process.
We appreciate your constant availability – answering emails late in the evening, and on the weekend at that! Your clarify of thought and experience have proved invaluable to us as we navigate the process as first time buyers.
Sincerely –

— Stacey and Todd

We cannot express enough gratitude for all the hard work and professional conduct you provided for us in purchasing our home. We are so happy with our purchase and you made the whole process so easy and stress free. Thank you…

— Adrienne and Andrejs

After more than 12 months of frustration and disappointment I was looking to take yet another break from the weekly grind of inspections and auctions when I was referred to Cate. Not having dealt with a buyer’s advocate before I didn’t really know how this sort of thing worked or what to expect, but I was put at ease from our first meeting. While Cate’s knowledge, passion and love of her work was obvious, what impressed me more was her style – she’s a straight shooter, honest and direct – my type of person.

The Guidebook Strategy put together for me outlined every step of the process. It was a lot of information to take in but after reading through this I felt really comfortable that I was now aware of all aspects of the buying process. I looked forward to receiving my weekly itinerary of properties to inspect and my Saturday’s now felt full of purpose. Cate was always available to answer any questions I had and her insight into local agents and how they operated was invaluable.

There were a couple of properties I genuinely liked, but when I walked into a quaint little 2 bedder in Brunswick late on a Saturday afternoon, I was hooked. I tried to contain my excitement as I walked through the house, it ticked every box, even the ‘nice to haves’. After chatting with Cate she met with the agent and also inspected the property. On Cate’s advice I then made an offer (2 weeks before auction), and they accepted. I couldn’t believe it! Cate had also managed to negotiate the deposit subject to a building inspection during a 3 day cooling off period. I’m absolutely positive that the rapport Cate built up with the agent selling the property was instrumental in achieving this fantastic result.

I couldn’t be happier. I got the property I wanted, in the location I wanted and under budget. Even more amazing was that we achieved this in 6 weeks.

I can’t speak highly enough of my dealings with both Cate and Amy and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to navigate the property market. Calling Cate was the best decision I made. I’m already looking ahead to my next property and will definitely be calling on Cate again when that time comes.

— Leonie

We were in the market for an investment property and being time poor sort the advice of a friend who had just bought an investment property for their self managed super fund and recommended Cate’s services. Having bought and sold a couple of houses we thought we knew quite a bit about the buying process and had often wondered what value a buyers advocate could provide. We now know. No matter how much research you do on your own or how well you think you can negotiate, you can’t compete with a quality buyers advocate who has an in-depth knowledge of how real estate agents ‘really’ work and one who has established positive networks. This is the service that Cate and her team provide. We loved Cate from the minute we met her as she clearly articulated her approach to buying property. Her background in mortgage broking was also evident in the way she explained concepts like rental yield etc. We would not hesitate to recommend Cate’s services and would definitely use her again should the opportunity arise

— Caroline and Russell

Thank you for yours and Amy’s dynamism, advice and guidance we are most appreciative!

— Brendan and Melissa

It’s been a long road but we got there in the end. It’s been great working with such wonderful and competent women.
Thank you so much for all that you’ve done.
We are both very excited about what lies ahead for us.
The very best of wishes to you both.

— Kim and Rob

Good afternoon Cate,

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, your professionalism and working in a timely manner is a real asset for you.

— Anthony

Our friends had recommended speaking with Cate when we made the decision to purchase our first investment property and we’re really glad we followed their advice because working with Cate in identifying, buying and then tenanting our property was a really positive experience. We felt like Cate approached our purchase as if she was buying for herself – Cate’s attention to detail and clear communication during each phase of the project was reassuring, particularly given we were newbies on the investment scene. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Cate and we hope to be back for round 2 before too long!

— Lisa and Tim

Cate was an enormous help when purchasing our first home, from the moment we sat and had our first chat we felt confident that we were making the right decision going with Cate. After being unsuccessful at an auction Cate kept us upbeat and focused on the goal of purchasing the right property in the right location. Soon after Cate came to us with an off-market property that ticked all the boxes, without her assistance there is no way we would have been able to purchase the property we did. We appreciate all the work that you did, even when you were on holidays and no question or query was ever too much. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone that is purchasing a property, your service was invaluable.

— Trent and Michelle

“For a new home buyer, the property buying process feels like a minefield. Real estate agents are always looking to get the highest possible price for their vendors, and we found it really paid off to have an expert fighting in our corner.

Cate took a lot of the stress out of the process for us, she was very responsive and no question was too stupid.

With her help we found a great house in the suburb we wanted, then she negotiated hard to secure it for us before auction at the right price. She paid for herself and then some.

— Jill and Mark

Cate was the 4th Buyers Advocate we interviewed for our 2 investment properties we were looking to buy.
We immediately identified with her straight forward approach explaining how she worked, what we could expect and what our goals were in the process. She answered every question we had and made us feel at ease with our decision to use her services.
Once we engaged her services we received our weekly inspections and armed with our checklist Cate provided, we felt confident walking into every inspection. She listened to our feedback, she provided more advice if we needed it and was happy to answer all our questions along the way (and we had plenty!). We found out that she worried about the same things we did so the process was very smooth. Cate did all the negotiation, provided us with leads for property managers and arranged building inspections and depreciation reports for us.
Cate was fantastic, easy to work with and managed to secure one property off market for us. The whole process was a lot of fun and I wish we had more money to keep going.

— Mel and Dean

Hi Cate & Amy
I would just like to say that I was so impressed with yesterday and the lead up and then the finale. I am going to post a message on my linked in page about the positive experience, I hope you are ok with this. Now I begin to work on the next property, maybe sooner rather than later.

— Damian

To Cate and Amy,
Thank you for your exceptional knowledge and seemingly effortless assistance in securing my first Melbourne property. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cate Bakos Property experience and wish you both well as the business deservedly grows!

— Teagan

Hi Cate
I just I let you know that settlement has gone through today. We are very excited to have purchased our first home.
Thank you for your fantastic assistance in securing the property for us!

— Nikki

We recommend Cate not only because of her deep knowledge of the property market, but also the ethical way in which she conducts her work.
We had never heard of buyer agent before, so at first when our solicitor introduced Cate to us, we still thought we could buy a house just by ourselves. However, after another intensive weekend of inspections with the kids, and feeling dizzy from all the information on the internet, we decided to engage with Cate.
After having our first consultation, we already felt very confident with her. Looking back on the experience we realise that we had made the best decision to engage Cate. She led us every step, she seemed more cautious than us a lot of times to avoid making bad decisions and paying too much once we had found the right property. We always felt bad about our silly first time buyer questions that we asked her during the weekend but she always responded quickly and patiently. She really understood our situation as first time buyers.
The buying process was very smooth under her guidance and support. She applied the best strategy to push the sale before auction as we knew the house would be popular and we may lose out if it went to auction. She acted in our best interest and we feel if we were doing it by ourselves, we would have made bad decisions, as it was quite competitive. Cate represented us in pre auction bidding that lasted all day until 9pm at night. She still hadn’t eaten dinner when she called to say we had secured the property we heard at that time she was in the process of moving her house, she totally prioritized for us.
After our offer was accepted the process of securing the property and subsequent settlement period was more complex than what we had anticipated. Cate was with us all the way ensuring everything was correct until we were happily living in the home.
Now we are very happy to live in our dream home with our children, we thought we should share our story to everyone especially the busy young family. Without Cate, we would have much more stress and less success in buying our home.

— Ross and Sijing

You did a superb job and we couldn’t be happier. We are so thrilled that we had you on our side. Could not have done it without you! You have secured our family dream and for that we will be forever grateful. As we’re enjoying the celebration of our purchase, I hope you enjoy the feeling of making a miracle happen. You’re a true professional and we’ll certainly recommend you to anyone on the hunt for a property. Thanks Cate!

— Alex

I had a team of good people helping us make the decision to buy this investment property.We had a great mortgage broker (John Bruitzman from Select-a-Mortgage) and a wonderful buyers agent – Cate Bakos from Cate Bakos Property. They both (independently of eachother) helped my husband and I in a way that was above and beyond…and we would not have been able to do it as seamlessly and easily had it not been for them and we are very, very grateful for their help and support.

— Helen

Cate was lovely to deal with as a buyer’s advocate. She responded promptly (and patiently) to all our queries. Throughout the process, we felt that she was genuinely giving us advice that was in our interests and in line with our needs.

While we considered ourselves fairly organised house buyers, Cate provided us with greater confidence about what to do in the current market and things to look for when buying a house. She also was able to remove some of the stress associated with the pre-auction negotiations with the agent and of course bidding on the day.

In addition, as we were looking for a house in Melbourne’s inner north-west, Cate’s local knowledge was invaluable in terms of understanding the local market dynamics as well as knowing the selling tactics of the local agents.

If you are extremely organised, happy to do lots of research and are comfortable dealing with agents and auctions (negotiating contract terms and haggling on price) – a buyer’s advocate might not be for you. However, we felt that using a buyer’s advocate was a great investment and provided piece of mind. And to that end Cate was an excellent choice!

— Michael and Tamar

I can’t thank you enough for your efforts in helping me achieve my dream. I know you were only doing your job but you made the whole process a pleasure and very easy. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope great success is continued throughout your career. Thank you!

— Stefan

Thank you so much for all your assistance over the last few months. Your expertise and wonderful personality is one of a kind! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us and will definitely be in touch when the next one rolls around!

— Vyna & Chan

I certainly could of not done this with out you for sure, and our journey is something i will never forget. You deserve all the credit you get your passion for property and helping others follow their dream shows in you and you are seeing the success in your advocacy business from this i’m sure.

— Jason

I am sitting in our beautiful new home, delighted at how it suits us. I know this would not have been possible without Cate’s support and guidance. Her depth of knowledge of Real Estate, her diligence, her friendliness, her patience and support were invaluable as she helped us navigate the highs and lows of buying our new home. Thanks to her the process was seamless. I feel grateful that she listened and understood our needs. I regularly recommend Cate to anyone thinking about buying a new property because of the remarkable service she provides.

— Luciana