We use a well-tested home buying ‘Criteria Development’ model to ensure our clients’ “wishlist” and “must-have’s” are properly profiled before the search commences. Our agent-relationships in every locality give us hidden opportunities into sourcing properties before they even hit the internet.

The most crucial steps to assisting home buyers involves being able to climb into their hearts and minds. Sometimes it’s very hard for buyers to articulate what ‘flavour’ they are looking for, or which property attributes are important. ‘Vital’ versus nice-to-have can be hard to distinguish, and keeping a search simple and specific is the key to all successful home-finds.

After over a decade in the industry, she is experienced at guiding couples through the difficult task of ‘criteria development’ in a structured and empathetic way, sensitive and intuitive to their emotions.

Other times we meet buyers who have developed a firm criteria list of their own, yet their search for a house is not being fruitful. This is often because their four elements are not fitting together. Only one must change in order for the search to become fruitful, but choosing which one to alter is the difficult part for them;

  • Price
  • Location
  • Land Size
  • Quality of Asset

Cate’s role is to facilitate the Criteria Development so that the search is realistic, achievable and success is imminent.

Every HomeFinder client is provided with a tailored HomeFinder Strategy Document prior to the commencement of the search.

We communicate immediately and frequently with agents we can rely on in any given area to introduce us to houses properties before they go to market. In February to April 2014, more than 50% of the properties Cate secured for HomeFinder clients were either pre-markets or off-market properties.

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