Negotiation/Auction Bidding

Our property buying strategies secure the property at the RIGHT price and on the BEST terms for our clients. We read the agent and the sales campaign, and we guide our clients to make the right decisions quickly. Cate has not only worked as a real estate selling agent, but she’s held negotiation roles for more than 15 years and Cate is also a trained auction bidder. (read more)

Our clients use us to negotiate or bid on a property because;

  • they may have missed out before on a property (or they don’t want to miss this particular property)
  • they are mistrusting of the agent(s)
  • they are terrified to bid
  • they don’t know what the property is really worth and they are scared of paying too much

An experienced and independent property negotiator or auction bidder can mean the difference between;

  • winning at auction or missing out,
  • getting a great buy or being played by the agent to pay a price well in excess of fair market value,
  • having a firm plan vs ‘winging it’
  • not buying a lemon

Aside from being a strong negotiator, Cate’s skills stretch past merely securing a property for a great deal. She acutely understands the various types of properties which can be problematic for lenders and she will guide clients away from making mistakes such as;

  • buying in a lending-restricted zone
  • buying stratum or company share title if their loan to value ratio (LVR) does not support the purchase
  • buying properties with excessively high outgoings

Not only can these scenarios (and many more) adversely effect the growth prospects of the property, but in many cases they can cause the lender to reject the property, leaving the buyer without a deposit, with no way to purchase the property and a potential lawsuit for any losses incurred by the vendor.

Our Negotiation and Auction Bidding Service’ is a simple flat fee and a free preliminary assessment is undertaken to advise each client before they engage our services whether they have a realistic chance of securing the property based on their budget. Once engaged, our clients are issued a comprehensive property appraisal report which is carefully prepared based on recent comparable sales information, market sentiment and most importantly, agent-communication and a firm understanding of the vendor’s terms.

A fair maximum figure is established and we then define our negotiation strategy based on the campaign, competing buyers and the agent’s revealed information. Whether we decide to secure the property prior to auction, or bid on the day, or whether the private negotiation takes us one day or ten days, the client’s best interests are paramount and we fight for a great result on the best terms.

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